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Invasive Species Curriculums

* Rangeland Ecology Teachers Guide - University of Idaho

* Aliens in your neighborhood - National Parks Service

* kNOweeds - K-12 Monatana Noxious Weed Curriculum

* Invasives: Plants on the Move - Invasive Weed Curriculum for grades K-12

* Center for Invasive Plant Management - Plant Education activities for grades K-12

* Resource Directory: Center for Invasive Plant Mangement - Exhaustive list of educational resources available online through www.weedcenter.org 

EBIPM High School Curriculum - Resources

One of the best ways for students to learn is to get out on the land and participate in activities that allows them to get them down in the soil and get their "hands dirty". This type of hands-on approach is implemented each year at the EBIPM Field School.


EBIPM Contacts (pdf)

Contacts to locate an EBIPM Curriculum Outreach Coordinator near you to facilitate EBIPM field trips:

USDA-ARS Eastern Oregon Agricultural Research Center - Burns, OR
Website: http://oregonstate.edu/dept/eoarc/
67826-A Hwy 205
Burns, OR 97720
Phone: 541 573-8900
Fax: 541- 573-3042 

Overall contact/ Oregon Contact:
Brenda Smith – Research Scientist
USDA-ARS Eastern Oregon Agricultural Research Center, Burns OR
Phone: 541-573-4084
Email: Brenda.smith@ars.usda.gov

Eastern Oregon Contact:
Anna-Marie Chamberlain- Extension Livestock and Range Specialist
Oregon Cooperative Extension – Ontario, OR
Phone: 541-881-8840
Fax: 541-889-8849
Email: anna-marie.chamberlain@oregonstate.edu 

Idaho Contacts:
Stuart P. Hardegree- Plant Physiologist
USDA-ARS-Northwest Watershed Research Center – Boise, ID
Phone: 208-422-0728
FAX: 208-334-1502
Email: stuart.hardegree@ars.usda.gov

Alex Boehm - Bio Science Technician
USDA-ARS-Northwest Watershed Research Center –Boise, ID
Phone: 208-422-0730 
Fax: 208-334-1502 
Email: alex.boehm@ars.usda.gov 

Daniel Safford – Noxious Weeds Program Specialist
Idaho Department of Agriculture – Boise, ID
Phone: 208-332-8592
Email: dsafford@agri.idaho.gov 

Utah Contact:
Thomas A. Monaco –Research Ecologist
USDA-ARS Forage & Range Research Lab Logan, UT
Phone: 435-797-7231
Fax: 435-797-3075
Email: tom.monaco@ars.usda.gov 

Northern Nevada Contact:  
Lesley Morris –Historical Ecologist
Email: lesleyrmorris@gmail.com

Northeastern Nevada Contact:
Kent McAdoo – Area Extension Rangeland Resources Specialist
University of Nevada Cooperative Extension- Elko, NV
Phone: 775-738-7291
Fax: 775-753-7843
Email:  mcadook@unce.unr.edu  

Wyoming Contact:
Ed Vasquez -Research Rangeland Ecologist
Wyoming Wildlife Consultants, LLC
 (307) 742-3253
mail: edv@wyowildlife.com