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This curriculum is divided into 5 modules, each guided by the EBIPM steps for adaptive management.  Each module contains components that can be used in the classroom, on the school grounds, or on field sites.  An outline of the entire module is available, as well as the individual modules.  The goals, objectives, and NSTA standards associated with each are available.  A pretest and post-test have been created to assess learning and more clearly define learning targets.  

Learning activities include a list of species to be learned (called STBL).  Each of the modules has a selection of lessons and activities designed to guide students to learning the ecosystem processes, biological process, and scientific research process needed to understand and support the EBIPM program.   In an attempt to improve scientific literacy, as well as adhere to the EBIPM process of scientifically-driven decision making, a selection of scientific papers are included in each module.  An associated reading guide is given as a classroom activity.  

There are also pages available for extra resources both online and published.  The video page could be thought of as a ‘video glossary” that can be used as a student resource or tool for classroom instruction. 

Please feel free to use the components of this curriculum freely as you see fit in your classroom based on the needs of your students.  As states and districts have different grade level standards, no one curriculum will be perfectly suited to your class.  We at EBIPM also ask that you contact your local outreach coordinator and schedule tour dates or field activities to the best that your schedule can accommodate.